‘The comfiest sport’s bra EVER’

'It's the comfiest thing I own'

'No inseam, no scratchy tags ... They are perfect! 

'I just can't believe how comfortable it is' 

'They are so soft and light it's like wearing angel wings'

Just a few of the messages received recently about our tops ... we could go on forever! No harsh seams, no thick or heavy waistbands, just super soft, perfectly stretchy loveliness! 


So much more than just Yoga Clothes


Because Inspirit Collective is Female yogi owned, we know what yogis (or technically yoginis) require from their clothing throughout their practice whether that be at home, in a studio or outside - comfort, simplicity, lightness and sustainability. Don't be fooled though, regardless of our social media and content being aimed around yoga, our apparel is actually perfect for any low impact activity, from pilates or traveling to climbing, watching Netflix or popping to the shops!

Come and join the Inspirit Collective of active humans, planet loving, Bali dreaming, climbers, squatters (the glute kind), coconut oil-loving, general go-doers and go-getters!

At Inspirit we strive to be more than just a product-based brand, through our beliefs, intentions and goals we hope to deliver more than just apparel to our customers. Here's how:




We love animals, our environment, our planet and our collective consciousness, therefore, somewhere between comfort and simplicity lies our conscious brand.  We create and make everything as conscious as we possibly can. Our actual product is made in Bali … the island that has our heart and was where the idea for Inspirit was born.

Our apparel is not made in a large factory or production house, instead made with love and smiles from a small family business and their small number of tailors locally in the town of Ubud, where every order from us is greeted with such gratitude and beautiful energy. After working at big corporate companies previously, this is potentially the most refreshing thing I personally have ever encountered! Our new packaging is an ethically sourced, economical and environmentally friendly, recyclable AND most importantly re-usable branded cotton pouches or tote bags. All of our decisions as a brand come from a place of consciousness, sustainability and love …  and that's a promise!


Ambassador program


We also run an ambassador program which is where we work with some of our most loyal and genuinely supportive customers. We don’t just approach random bloggers … we see genuine love and support for our brand, similar values and we go from there. Check out our ambassador page for more information and how we use this program to give back even further into the yoga community.




We are not (and never will be) a big corporate company, we don’t want our customers to just be known as order numbers, we want to ‘see’ our customers. We send all of our orders out with love because honestly ... we all need a bit more love in our lives! We will continue to value close to our hearts our planet and our collective and that is our promise to you! 

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