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Introducing Aparigraha, our youngest addition, and a rare find (stock restrictions whoops), and she is no more common in her human form than on our website. Aparigraha meaning non-greed and non-possessiveness.

She is the dreamer, free of things and free of thoughts, a true free spirit in both nature and stance. She doesn’t get defined by what she owns, and she doesn’t let anyone define her by words or labels either. Yoga … say what … she makes her own poses up, girlfriend you say? Hell no … she belongs to nobody other than herself. Employee … ha! No … she takes nobody’s orders other than her higher calling, now that is a boss that everyone needs!

She has a playful and absolute joyous nature that is as contagious as her laughter. She wants for nothing more than love and freedom and boy what a life plan that sounds like. She refuses to be anywhere for longer than required, and by that, the only clock she listens to is that of her soul because it sure lets her know as soon as its time to move forward …

After all, isn’t the soul really the only voice we can trust?

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