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Hey! I am Sarah, the yogi behind Inspirit Collective. From the UK, I created Inspirit Collective in 2017 during an 'Eat, Pray Love' experience in Bali. After doing some serious Soul searching the idea for Inspirit just popped into my head and from that moment, the right people and situations all emerged to make my brand a reality (more on the story below). 

I was lucky enough to have experience in retail and fashion for over 8 years in total in all the areas I needed to make it happen, but with all that aside, it was TERRIFYING! It is definitely one thing to work for other brands and companies, and a completely different feeling to just go out on your own and put something out there with so much of your love, heart and soul in it. After sheer determination it became a reality for me, and every day when I read a review or receive an email or DM or comment about how comfy, lovely and perfect my clothing is, in fact, every time I receive an order (yep, still EVERY TIME), I smile with gratitude and pride ... and I don't think that will ever stop. I am eternally grateful for this experience! 


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How did you start Inspirit Collective? 


Honestly when I was working in fashion I swore I would never run my own business ... Now I have 2 ha! What I love about looking at my life so far, is every random job I had before this point was all completely necessary to teach me what I needed to know, and those 'weird' jobs or 'odd decisions' I thought at the time actually all played a part of a much bigger purpose.

I got the idea for Inspirit in Bali which is where Inspirit is made. I was in Bali for a Yoga Teacher training after quitting my stressful job in fashion and having a complete life overhaul. I was only meant to be in Bali for 7 weeks, I ended up staying for 4 months!

Inspirit was completely guided from start to finish which may not be helpful for those wanting to start their own business, but guidance, alignment and intuition is available to all of us and this innate power we have is truly the 'brains behind the business'.

From the initial idea just effortlessly popping into my head, to meeting the perfect supplier by chance, to everything falling into place when it needed to step by step. Don't be fooled though- There was A LOT of work to get it started ... and there was also many things to overcome (mainly my beliefs). I was working full time as well as studying to be a nutrition coach at the same time so overworked was an understatement ... but it was exciting, it felt right and I would do it all again to be where I am now!

The conscious side to Inspirit was not even a decision to be made, as a Vegan and conscious of as much as possible anyway it was always going to be like that with Inspirit too. Everything to do with Inspirit is as conscious as I can possibly make it, and that is a promise that I make to myself and to you, that if there are two options infront of me and one is conscious and one is not ... regardless of price, I will choose our planet.

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What do you like to do in your spare time? 


I have a daily self-practice of yoga and TM Meditation. My yoga is mainly slow, soft embodied flows and then the complete opposite of core, strength and inversion training .. as with my business my practice is intuitive and I listen to what my body is craving that day. Yoga does so much for me, it is where I come back into my body, it is where I move energy and where I come back to my centre.

While I was starting Inspirit I was also studying coaching, originally health & nutrition, but with my success with Inspirit and my obsession with stepping into a higher version of myself, energy and intuitive gifts it very quickly developed into an offering of intuitive Life & Business coaching. I am so grateful to be living two purposes right now in this life, with both Inspirit & guiding women through such transformational journeys with both my coaching and healing modalities.

I wasn't handed my life or businesses on a plate, Yes I am and was privileged in more ways than one, and that is something I am highly aware of, however, I still had a choice to make. I could have easily stayed in my comfort zone and continue being utterly miserable, working 9-5 for someone else with 0 purpose in my life, 0 motivation and absolutely no passion, or I could work insanely hard for a few years, release beliefs and patterns that held me back and actually choose to believe I deserved more. I love nothing more than sharing what I have learnt, sharing the potential I see in others and seeing others also breaking free from ultimately what is only themselves.

Everybody has the power to do extraordinary things and to wake up every day grateful, whether that be their own business, their own books or as a parent or teacher - nobody has to settle and nobody should. Every single one of us has something that sets the soul alight and I want everybody to find theirs. This life is not a test run, and as Buddha apparently said 'The problem is we think we have time'.

Other than 'working', I love to read or listen to audiobooks, ideally on my favourite beach in Bali. I love reading and learning about manifesting and the Universe, the feminine, all things health & how to grow and make the most out of this precious life we are given.

I love my own space and am believe it or not a HUGE introvert, I am so happy to just spend a Friday night in with a cup of tea and a good book or journaling with some incense burning ... literally perfect, that being said, I also love magical evenings with my friends doing tarot readings, group reiki & healings, shamanic practices, meditation and just all the magical things!

 You can check out my personal Instagram here or my coaching website here

What are your future plans? 


I don't think Inspirit is run like many companies out there. Everything is so intuitive with my brand, therefore planned new lines, colours and 'seasons' like the majority of brands out there isn't my vibe. I love going with my guidance and intuition in every way, and it hasn't done me wrong yet. 

I love the simplicity of the brand, and I hope to keep it this way. I am conscious of never having a huge company, I have worked for many of those and as soon as it gets to a certain point there is no joy other than a bank balance and that is not my goal nor my joy. I want to love what I have every day and I want other people to love what I am doing, and for my customer to never be treated like just another customer.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being here and thank you for supporting small businesses!




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