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Meet Brahmacharya, we call her Brah for short. The yama means the practice of devoting yourself to Brahman, and yes, this means in most transcripts – the practice of celibacy.

Now our Brahmacharya girl is by no means celibate but an angel yes. She tends to be more reserved, some may say shy, she is harder to read and harder to get to know. She has a small shield for that of protection, she has had her heart broken a few times, and although she has learned something incredibly valuable from each one (whether she knows yet or not) she has no intention of just letting any old soul into that vulnerable side of her, no, that person has to literally prove themselves and quite rightly so …. one’s heart is nothing to be played with, and she has every right to protect that gem. Once the shield around that precious stone has been broken she is loyal, and she is grace, and boy oh boy she is one beautiful human being.

If you ask us she is worth all the time in the world.


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