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Introducing the Satya. Satya meaning truthfulness, and staying true to oneself. Satya is a beautiful twist on our original Asteya.

Satya is for the sassy goddess who knows exactly how much power she has, and knows exactly when to use it. Satya represents the battles she has gone through to get to where she is now, Satya represents the moulds she has broken to be exactly who she is today, and not forgetting, the fact she wouldn’t change a thing in her past, because she knows that every single thing that has happened in her life – good or bad, has brought her to exactly where she is now … exactly where she is supposed to be. She is the definition of the divine and of the feminine and she doesn’t hold back letting everyone know. She has stomped all over the masculine stereotypes of a successful powerful woman and is creating a new tribe of ‘The Goddess’.

With integrity, she walks and with integrity she talks, staying true to exactly who she is!


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